Our Idea !

Quench promotes a new and novel medium for promotions through packaged drinking water. Your brand on pure bottled water. Quench’s appealing bottle designs and attractive marketing labels stand out from usual water bottles. The bottle stays in the user’s possession for as long as its water lasts, and even often as long as the bottle itself lasts thus having a lasting impact.

3-1-2016 shoot-17 - CopyWhy should Choose Quench?

We are living in the world of personalized products. Every business wants to have a certain identity to stand out from its competitors. Quench aims to offer something unique and different to you to make your brand image strong in the eyes of your consumers. By offering packaged drinking water in your brand name will make your consumer feel a sense of goodwill and gratitude towards your brand.


Top 5 reasons to choose Quench over other forms of bottled water and other means of advertisements:

Long Attention Span: Until water lasts your brand is in the possession of consumers and often more.

Cost Effectiveness.

Focused Target audience.

Goodwill gesture.

Attractive and unconventional.

About Our Services

A refreshing concept that makes a lasting impression, Look around you sometime and take note of all the people walking around with a bottle of water in their hand? Now imagine all those people holding water bottles with YOUR name and message on it. Quench we specialize in working with you to design your label so it becomes a working vehicle for your company or event. Here are some examples of how your label will work for you.

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