Q and A with Sakina and Mokhtar – Next Gen Entrepreneurs

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24 Oct Q and A with Sakina and Mokhtar – Next Gen Entrepreneurs

Dreamers Sakina and Mokhtar from Pune, had shared their Dream with DREAM:IN earlier this year. Since then, they have been to Dream Camp 1 and also to the Plan Camp. Sakina and Mokhtar dream of setting up a company that provides advertising on mineral water bottles. They have traveled to Bangalore to spend a few days with the DREAM:IN team to shape their Dream and launch their venture as soon as possible.

We had a few questions for Sakina and Mokhtar on their first day as entrepreneurs-in-residence and here’s what they had to say –



What is your Dream?

Quench (their venture) was born out of the need to offer businesses a way out of the current world advertising clutter. Quench promotes a new and novel medium for corporate communication. Our Dream is to utilize water as a communication medium offering businesses customization.

How did you come up with this idea?

Reading stories about young entrepreneurs who had created companies based on non-conventional advertising. This made us realise the huge scope of this medium. It triggered our thoughts as to why not utilize a resource as valuable as water as a communication medium.

Tell us a little about your backgrounds

We are both from a business family background traditionally. So it was always inside us to become our own bosses.

(While Sakina has completed her MBA in Retail Management and Marketing with 3 years of corporate experience following which she entered her family business.

Mokhtar is a petroleum engineer by profession and has been working on international assignments for 2 years. His job being in the oil field involved a lot of travelling, adventure and challenges.)

We have known each other since school so there was always a trust factor to work on a business idea together.

How has your experience working with DREAM:IN been?

It has been enlightening so far. Continuous guidance from a host of mentors is the top thing we have received from DREAM:IN. In this age of selfishness we have received great support and encouragement from DREAM:IN. Having received a solid platform out here.

What are your next steps, How do you want to take your idea forward?

We want to move from the conceptualization stage to the execution stage. Having our thought process in place we look forward to launching Quench and getting our first Client as soon as possible.

Why have you come to Bangalore?

The purpose to come to the city has been – getting out of our comfort zone and working on the idea with complete focus. We were sure to receive continuous help and support from DREAM:IN. They have all the tools and resources we need to accomplish our Dream Plan. We hope to receive this support from them.

What do u expect to achieve by the end of your trip?

Completion of all the background work to get Quench running.

We, at DREAM:IN wish Sakina and Mokhtar all the best for their venture and will update you soon on their progress!

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