Brand in a bottle – positioning your brand using water as a promotional medium


24 Oct Brand in a bottle – positioning your brand using water as a promotional medium

Water bottles are an integral part of travel, meetings, seminars and discussions. Quench Promotions Pvt Ltd based in Pune introduces a path-breaking innovation in personalized promotional strategies. Quench provides businesses with a promotional medium which is in the possession of a potential / existing consumer for considerably longer amount of time as compared to traditional media. Consumers will look at the advertisement on the bottle till the water lasts or may be longer by re-using these bottles thus garnering a long impact time.
Quench uses the space on packaged drinking water as advertising space. They customize the label completely to a brand or business’ name. Quench offers five different bottle sizes, from 200ml to 20Litre jars and among this gambit 200ml is by far the most popular size. Quench’s concept is unique for the Indian advertising market as it aims to offer water which is the most precious resource on earth to make a brands’ image strong in the eyes of the consumers.


“Water is an extremely valuable commodity especially in the Indian culture, thus Quench us utilizes water to gain the attention of masses and to create a goodwill for businesses. We are living in the world of personalized products. Every business wants to have a certain identity to stand out from its competitors”, says a triumphant Sakina Wagh, Founder & Chief Quencher!
An MBA in Retail management & marketing and a plush job in a major corporate were not able to quench Sakina’s innovation thirst. During the interview, Sakina recalls, “After my short corporate stint, I joined our family lighting business in order to understand the nuances of handling business at the grassroots level.” Rich exposure in all verticals of the family retail business helped her satiate the inherent urge to establish an enterprise of her own. Co-Founder and Managing Quencher, Mokhtar Yaveri, schoolmate, has ably supported the venture. Mokhtar, a petroleum engineer, was extremely intrigued by the idea and helped budding the innovation to find firm grounds. Mokhtar explains “Look around you sometime and take note of all the people walking around with a bottle of water in their hand? Now imagine all those people holding water bottles with YOUR name, logo and message on it.” While client relations, branding, and business development are handled by Sakina, Mokhtar looks into the operations of Quench, including label quality, water quality and timely deliveries.
The Quench idea took sprout in the Dream:In initiative in Bangalore which provided them a good incubation platform, and a mentor Mr Francois Bertschy who has been playing a vital role in guiding and encouraging Quench with all his experience and expertise till date.
Being pioneers of this particular concept in India, Quench has the first mover advantage. However, competition comes from regular water brands in terms of price points. But the young team is confident that potential clients who understand the importance of Customization and Brand Individuality will always chose Quench over a regular brand of water.

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